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November 2014
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The Courage to Dream!

Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar

My name is Nitish Kumar. I am from the state of Odisha, East India. I come from a very poor family. My father who was the only bread winner worked as a mason laborer. It was difficult to meet the needs of the family with his meager income.

Unfortunately the firm where my father worked had to shut down. He lost his job. A diabetic patient, he was very worried and with it many other complications showed up. His health conditions deteriorated with each passing day and he could not work. The family had no money to provide him with medical care.

As a teenager, I knew how challenging life was to live in rags. The pangs of poverty were real and unbearable. Being the eldest son I did some menial labor along with my mother every day to feed the family.

However I did not give up schooling. Through poverty and hardship, I was able to complete my undergrad program with an accounting major.

As soon as I graduated, I took up a small job so I could continue to help my family. I couldn’t think of pursuing higher education.

Miraculously, I met a coordinator of Immanuel Conference in June 2012. He visited our home and talked about a Christian University initiated in Hyderabad to help poor minority students.

My heart leapt like a deer. But my responsibilities were too many; I couldn’t just leave my family in desperate need.

However one day I talked to my mother, expressing my desire to take up management studies at IU. Her piercing eyes almost darted through my inner most being as if to identify my motives.

“Only for two years, Mom,” I pleaded. Her hands of blessing came on me as a sign of approval.

I am so very grateful to Bishop Joab Lohara whose vision has changed the course of my life and has given me the courage to dream. IU has made me a confident person equipped to take on the challenges of life. It is a privilege indeed to be a part of the educational system at Immanuel University that offers world class education and plenty of global exposures.

Immanuel Business School, an answer to prayer

Meet one of our students, Prathyusha

Meet one of our students, Prathyusha

My name is Prathyusha. I come from a very poor family in Andhra Pradesh. My father is a taxi driver and in spite of his meager earnings, he was determined to send me to school. After I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, I had a desire to do an MBA. But because of financial difficulties at home, I could not dare suggest another big expense. One day I took courage to approach my father and express my desire to pursue an MBA. By this time our family needs had increased with my younger sister in school. My father therefore advised me to take up a job to support the family.

I could clearly see his helplessness… I began to pray with tears and a broken heart. I desperately needed the help of Jesus. Jesus answered my prayers and opened the door for me to enter Immanuel Business School (IBS). Tears come to my eyes whenever I remember my first meeting with Bishop Lohara. Like a father, he has taken me into the Immanuel family and helped me to pursue an MBA. Without IBS, my dreams would have shattered. Thank you for investing in Immanuel University.

McKenna School of Education

Exciting news! The Board of Trustees of Immanuel University in Hyderabad, India has just announced the new School of Education and Center for Christian Leadership will be named for David and Janet McKenna. In his announcement, Dr. Joab Lohara, Bishop of the Free Methodist Church of India said, “We honor Dr. McKenna for his 33 years as a college, university and seminary president in Christian higher education and his wife, Janet, First Lady with the President and a premier second grade school teacher in her own right.”

The McKenna School of Education is dedicated to the poor and untouchable youth of India whose dreams are small and future dismal. It is the aim of the School of Education to train these youth to be educators and to awaken the leader in them. There is a huge market for teachers in India and Christian teachers are preferred because of their language skills and Christian values.

The plan is to begin building the facility in the spring, and inaugurate the program in the fall of 2014. A total of $365,000 is required to build and operate for 2014-15 with full accreditation from the Federal Government. As of this date, $97,000 has been raised and $100,000 more has been pledged as a matching grant for future gifts. Friends of the McKenna’s will be invited to join their names with David and Janet in the halls of Immanuel University. The opportunity for impact is unlimited, the return on the investment is incredible.

Follow the progress on the websites for Immanuel University and Friends of Immanuel University as well as Facebook.

Feel free to click “Reply” with comments or questions. David Goodnight will answer.

Yours for the cause of Christ,

David R. Goodnight
Chair, Friends of Immanuel University

Dr. Joab Lohara
Bishop, Free Methodist Church of India

Norman Edwards
Consultant, Friends of Immanuel University
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